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Using your Medisave with us

A Step by Step Guide (Applicable to Singapore Citizens & PRs only)

What to bring:

  • Your NRIC

  • A printed copy of your latest Medisave statement

Approved Dental Procedures:

  • Surgical removal of teeth (including wisdom teeth).

  • Surgical placement of dental implants.

  • Autogenous bone grafting.

  • Incision and drainage of abscesses

  • Alveoloplasty.

  • Surgery due to trauma.


Using your CHAS & PG card with us

A Step by Step Guide (Applicable to Singapore Citizens only)

What to bring:

  • Your NRIC

  • Your CHAS card (Blue/Orange)

  • Your Pioneer Generation card

What is CHAS:

The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) is a pro-health initiative helm by the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) to improve access to affordable medical and dental care for Singaporeans. Under CHAS, members receive subsidies for outpatient medical and dental treatments at accredited, participating clinics. Members will also enjoy subsidised referrals to specialist outpatient clinics at restuctured institutions when required.

What is Pioneer Generation:

The Pioneer Generation Package is initiated to honour and thank our Pioneers for their hard work and dedication in the early years of Singapore, building Singapore into what it is today. Now about ​​​450,000 Singaporeans will benefit from the Pioneer Generation Package. The package will help Pioneers with their healthcare costs for life.

Pioneers will receive additional subsidies on top of existing subsidised services and medication at polyclinics & Specialist Outpatient Clinics.​ Enjoy your subsidies today at UDS!


Using your Aviva Insurance with us

A Step by Step Guide 

What to bring:

  • Your NRIC

  • Your Aviva Insurance claim form. Get it here.

How we make it easy for you to make an insurance claim:

At UDS, we know there going through an insurance claim can be a long and tiring process, especially with ongoing stress, pain and worries from your dental health problems. We are here to help you make it easy and painless as possible. All we need from you is filled up copy of the claim form and we will do the rest, ensuring you a peace of mind!

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