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Our Dentists

Dr Ng Swee Lin


B.D.S (Singapore)

A dentist for over 29 years, Dr Ng Swee Lin brings to UDS an extremely skillful and experience take to dentistry. Having seen many generations of patients, she has established a strong dental foundation in many families, caring for both the young and the elders! 



B.A., B.Dent.Sc (Hons)(Dublin)

Dr Keith Leong obtained his Bachelor of Dental Science degree from Trinity College Dublin. In his years of training in Ireland's biggest dental hospital, he has honed a repertoire of dental skills in different divisions, During a surgical stint at the Maxillofacial Surgery department in Saint James Hospital Dublin he now leads the wisdom teeth extractions and minor oral surgery procedures in UDS. He has a strong clinical interest in Aesthetic Dentistry and has been beautifully designing smiles through technologies such as clear aligners for moving teeth, fabrication of porcelain ceramic veneers/crowns and teeth whitening to bring confidence and satisfaction to his patients.

He is a strong believer in delivering quality dentistry, patiently explains his procedures to his patients and continuously striving to improve their oral care for the long term. Dr Keith Leong upgrades himself with the latest and best technologies to complement him when he performs intricate root canal treatments and aesthetic composite layering of teeth.

Other than his commitments to his patients in Singapore, he frequently volunteers overseas and has been to places like the Caribbean Islands, Malaysian and Indonesia. 

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